Commercial Leasing

NoMinor RepairWill not ReplaceMajor RepairWill Replace
1Air Con/ Air Filter SystemWill not ReplaceEngine/ Gear BoxWill Replace
2In Door Wiring SystemWill not ReplaceBody DamageWill Replace
3Brake SystemWill not Replace


Engine Oil

Gear Oil

Regular Maintain

Will not Replace

Not Replace

It means, the lessor responsibility to repair give back within 15 hours.


It means, the lessor responsibility to repair total 3 days and will provide to replace responsible vehicle during repairing time. 

Taxes, Duties and Charges

The Lessee hereby agree to pay Commercial tax 5% of all rental fees. 

Storage Location

User’s Place or Concierge Office.

Our Leasing Package includes the following Services

  • Regular Free Maintenance And Parts According to Require.
  • Replacement Vehicle When Car Is In Workshop.
  • Tires and Battery Replacement for fair ware And Tear.

Third Party Insurance

It will be covered by Vehicle, Passenger and Driver damages. The lessor side  Provide for it.
Enclosed above is a list of Technical Proposal, together with the terms and conditions for your kind consideration.
We trust that our Proposal shall be given a fair consideration and that the information is sufficient at this point of time.
Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
My team and I look forward to you well.

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